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My Mute Bride Chapter 489

“Do you want the chili or the ketchup?” Rachel placed two sauces in front of Justin and let him pick. “I’m fine with either.” “Ketchup, then.” She passed him the ketchup sachet. “You can’t really have spicy food.”

She remembered that he had always had indigestion. It had been years since he last had a beef pie, and the last time he had one was six years ago. Back then, Rachel had always liked to get hot food from the convenience store, and he happened to see her there once. One day after work, he got Frankie to stop the car by the road, and he went in to get a pie. It tasted rather bland, and the beef was quite chewy. It didn’t taste good, and it wasn’t a taste that he was accustomed to. He thought it was absurd after taking a taste and throwing it into the bin.. Come to think of it, it was probably then that he had fallen for Rachel, but he was in denial.

“I like the mushrooms and carrots in the filling. Try some.”

“Sure.” Hot steam escaped as they cut into the piping hot pie The collar of her pajama peeked out from the neckline of her coat, and it seemed to be a mother-daughter-matching pajama set, similar to Charlotte’s. It had adorable tiny bunny prints all over. Some chili sauce got onto the corner of Rachel’s mouth as she ate.

Surprisingly, she seemed different from usual when eating, and she was very focused as she savored the food. After spending some time with her, Justin noticed she wasn’t as shy or quiet as he had imagined, discovering the cheeky side of her. She would joke, tease Jolly, banter with Gloria, and even have high expectations of Victor, who had a rigid personality. But, at the end of the day, she was a kind woman who was always full of surprises. Noticing that, he passed her a tissue. “The corner of your mouth.”

“Thank you.” She thanked him. “I heard that Mr. and Mrs. Carter are leaving for vacation early tomorrow morning. Will you be sending them off?”

“Yes. They normally spend their holiday elsewhere. Initially, I thought that this year would be an exception, but it turned out that the exception was that they would be having dinner with me on New Year’s Eve. Jolly told me that they purposely planned the dinner just for me. If it was just Jolly who was at home, Richard and Marilyn would have left for vacation right after the company dinner.”

“Everyone in the industry knows how lovey- dovey Mr. and Mrs. Carter are.”

“No doubt. Oh, right, has Ria tried on her wedding gown?”

“She hasn’t.”

“Oh? Didn’t she and Victor go over to your place?” “I asked them not to come since they don’t stay nearby. Also, Ria must be jet lagged since she just got back.”

“But still, she had to try on the gown because they are getting married in roughly a week. At least she can get it altered if it doesn’t fit well. It will be hard to get a tailor during the holiday. season.”

After a short pause, Rachel added again, “In that case, get her to go to your place tomorrow so that she could take a look at the wedding. decorations.”

“Alright.” Gloria and Victor’s wedding was the highlight of the holiday season. They had almost finished eating their beef pies after chatting for a while. Since she had to wake up early the next day to send Richard and Marilyn to the airport, Justin urged her to return to get some rest. As they walked in the alley toward the Carter Residence, Rachel wanted to ask him something but halted.

“We are here. You should go in.”

“Justin, Julian came to see me last week.” Rachel turned around. Upon hearing that, Justin furrowed his brows.

“He mentioned that Burton Group will be segmented into the northern and southern divisions. I heard that you will be in charge of the northern division.”

“Yeah.” Seeing how impassive he was, Rachel decided not to ask him the question she had in mind. “Alright, let’s talk about work after the holiday season.”

“Happy New Year.”

“Happy New Year.”

The sound of the car engine outside the villa faded as the car drove off. When Rachel got into the bedroom, she smiled when she saw Charlotte sleeping with her limbs. stretched out. Her blanket was on the ground, so the little girl grabbed onto Samuel’s blanket. She tucked the little ones in and sat by the bed while looking at Charlotte’s face.

Actually, Charlotte resembled Justin. Although she was still a child, she had her father’s eyes and brows. If not for her long hair, she would look more like a boy compared to Samuel. The question that she didn’t get to ask Justin earlier was whether he would leave Riverdale after the holiday season. If he really left, it would be hard for Charlotte to see him in the future.

On New Year’s day, Rachel sent Richard and Marilyn to the airport. Marilyn hated to leave Rachel, so she gave her a big hug. “Chris, it must be hard to take care of the two children at home.”

“There are three children at home.” Richard corrected her. To them, Jolly was more like a child than an adult. “I don’t know when Jolly is going to grow up.” Marilyn sighed.

“Marilyn, don’t worry. Jolly is actually very sensible.”

“You don’t have to make me feel better. We won’t have to constantly worry about her if she’s half as sensible as you. Richard and I wouldn’t have spent the holiday season elsewhere if she was well behaved instead of always making our blood boil.”

Rachel tried to hold in her laugh as she glanced at Marilyn’s long brunette hair. She suddenly realized that Jolly got her drama queen gene from her mother.

“It’s almost time. We should leave for the boarding gate.” Richard reminded her. Marilyn then reluctantly let go of Rachel’s hands.

Before Marilyn left, she turned and looked over at Rachel before saying, “Right, regarding her relationship with Leroy, if possible, could you please talk to Jolly on my behalf? Tell her not to lose herself in the relationship.”

“Alright, let’s not make it hard for Rae. I’m sure that you know Jolly’s personality well.” “Rae, you should go home,” Richard said as he held Marilyn’s hand. “Richard and Marilyn, have a safe flight!” After saying goodbye to them, Rachel left for home.

She felt unsettled as she recalled Marilyn’s words. But since Jolly had asked Leroy to go back to attend Gloria’s wedding, she would clarify things with him by then.

When Jolly finally got out of bed, it was almost noon. She walked down while still half asleep and saw Rachel preparing to leave. “Aren’t you going over to Justin’s house? Why are you bringing so many things over?”

“I got some pastries, cakes, and samples of wedding favors.” “I see those are for Gloria’s wedding. It seems like you are going to attend a wedding tasting. By the way, where are my parents?” Jolly asked.

“They had left since early morning. They would’ve missed their flight if we had to wait for you.” “You should hurry and wash up. Even Charlotte and Samuel aren’t as lazy as you are.” Rachel rolled her eyes at Jolly.

“I’m offended.” Jolly grumbled. The next moment, her phone vibrated. “My morning is getting off to a bad start!” she grumbled after taking a look at her phone as she frowned.

“What’s wrong?” Rachel looked at her puzzledly. “Here. Isn’t this bad luck?” Jolly stretched her hand and showed her phone to Rachel. “Don’t you think she’s doing this on purpose just to ruin my mood?”

All Rachel could see was a short text that read ‘Happy New Year, and it didn’t seem anything out of the ordinary. But when she noticed that it was sent by Estelle, she furrowed her brows.

My Mute Bride

My Mute Bride

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Facing with her grandmother's critical illness and her father's threats, Rachel Hudson could only substitute her sister in the marriage with the Burton Family. There were no guests - heck, there wasn't even a wedding ceremony since she couldn't face the stage as a mute bride! Justin Burton lightly warned, "Although I am disasstified that your family has sent a substitute bride, you have already married into the family, so you must fulfill your obligations. Otherwise..."
Chapter 1 Help You Out On the night of her wedding, Rachel Hudson sat on the edge of the bed with a bitter taste in her mouth that extended deep into the bottom of her heart. Amber Hudson was unwilling to marry the disfigured eldest son of the Burton Family, so her father had asked Rachel to take her place instead. After that, she was carried into the Burton Residence with neither a wedding ceremony nor wedding guests like a bride who couldn’t rise to the occasion, making her utterly disappointed with the Hudson Family. Just then, the creak of the door being pushed open interrupted her thoughts, and she looked up to meet a man’s long, narrow, and sharp black eyes. It was Justin Burton, her current husband. He was tall and slender but not burly, whereas his angular face and tightly compressed lips made him look cold, arrogant, and aloof—just like a commanding hawk in the dark night. However, his originally handsome face was regrettably marred by a scar. It ran from his forehead to his chin, lending him an air of ferocity. Rachel subconsciously averted her eyes under his penetrating gaze. Suddenly, he said with absolute certainty, “You aren’t Amber Hudson.” The lady before his eyes was obviously more beautiful than Amber. Rachel instinctively put out her hands and gestured to him. Justin frowned. “What are you doing?” Rachel was startled for a moment. It was only then did she realize with the benefit of hindsight that he couldn’t understand her sign language. After smiling an embarrassed smile, she took out the paper and pen she had brought with her, wrote down a sentence, and showed it to him. The next instant, she saw the man’s completely frosty eyes. He let out a sneer and said, “What does Jefferey Hudson mean by this? He knows that I want Amber, yet he sent a mute, illegitimate daughter over on purpose?” The words ‘mute, illegitimate daughter’ caused Rachel’s breath to pause, and she slowly dropped her eyes. The next instant, the man lifted her chin and asked with a voice as chilly as the water in winter, “Does the Hudson Family think I’m so easy to fool?” Rachel’s tiny hands clenched into fists in her sleeves. He’s furious. Is he going to throw me out right away? If that’s the case, what about Grandma’s medical expenses… she thought to herself. She wanted to explain, but she could only feel her throat tighten under the man’s chilling gaze. As her eyes slowly dimmed, the man suddenly ordered, “Come here.” This is… Is he allowing me to stay? Rachel was delighted at first, but she then thought of what she was about to face. She slowly became nervous, and a thin sheen of sweat coated her palms. Upon seeing her hesitation, Justin thought she had chickened out. He then demanded impassively, “I’m very dissatisfied with the fact that your family has substituted the bride with someone else. But now that you’re already married to me, you have to fulfill your obligations as my wife.” Rachel bit her lower lip, lay flat, and turned her face to the left. Then, she heard a mocking sneer as it reached her ears. “I’m asking you to wait on me while I take a bath.” Rachel’s face, which was as white as porcelain, turned red instantly. She swiftly sat up and saw the man coldly enjoying how she had made a fool of herself. Anger filled her eyes, and she thought to herself, Is he having fun while making fun of me? Justin’s eyes narrowed slightly, and his voice turned grim. “What are you waiting for?” Rachel suppressed her emotions and slowly walked up to him, but she accidentally scratched his skin with her clumsy fingers. Suddenly, Justin grabbed her wrist and closed in on her. “Did you do it on purpose?” Rachel was dumbfounded for a moment. Then, she shook her head with confusion in her clear eyes. As Justin stared at her, another pair of clear and bright eyes unwittingly appeared in his mind, reminding him of the Hudson Family—the chief culprit who had destroyed those very eyes. He promptly sneered and said, “I had no intention of touching you tonight, but since you can’t stand being lonely, I can only help you out.”  


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