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Bride of the Mysterious CEO chapter 140

Chapter 140 Something Happened in Western Europe

Ryan’s words stunned Elena.

He had worked so hard to do so many things, wasn’t it for the position of the president of the Monor family?


“Even without Monor family, I can still afford to raise you. Don’t worry, I won’t let you suffer any grievances.”

Ryan promised. The reason why he still stayed here was because he cared about his family. As for the rest, he didn’t have any attachment to them.

“I really don’t know what you are going to do now. Perhaps I can’t guess what you are thinking from the start.” Elena slightly lowered her head and did not want to continue the conversation.

She really couldn’t understand his thoughts at all.

Since the two of them had already finished their work, they didn’t need to go to work today. They should take a good rest at home.

Ryan originally thought to stroll around the shopping mall to buy some things and then go to see Elena’s mother. But he did not expect to receive Jackson’s call while the two of them eating.

“Isaac is in trouble. Something happened here.”

“Where are you now?” The man had returned a while ago. But now, Ryan had no idea where Isaac had been taken to. So when he received the call, Ryan was indeed a little confused.

“It’s not the company, but the stone gambling market in Eastern Europe. There’s a problem. The shipment we ordered was robed.”

Jackson’s words were a little urgent. Isaac had already been detained by them. If they did not deal with it in time, his life would be in danger.

“Did you find out who the other party is? How dare they snatch my goods?”

Ryan frowned. He had been looking forward to that source of goods. But he had never though that someone would dare to rob them.

“We bought these raw materials with Second Young Master Monor’s identity. That’s why these problems occurred.”

Jackson didn’t think that Isaac would do such a thing. In the past, he didn’t use this name, which was why he was able to live in peace. The people on the other side had no idea who second young master Monor was, so they would naturally snatch the good away.

“Damn it! Can we find out more about Isaac?” Ryan asked anxiously.

Isaac and his friends said that they had already received the goods. But why was he ambushed just as they were about to leave? What was going on? Was there something wrong with their informants, or was there something wrong with them?

Elena heard Ryan’s scolding and knew that something must have happened. Immediately, she became anxious as well.

“We have already found out where they are. As for who they are, we are not sure. We need to check again. We will inform you as soon as something happened. I think we’ll need headquarters to investigate this matter.”

Jackson now knew that Isaac had already been trapped inside. The longer he dragged on, the more time the later would have to wait. Therefore, he had to rescue Isaac first.

“Do as you see fit. I’ll rush over tonight.” Initially, he thought that victory was within his grasp, but he did not expect it to be preempted. He wanted to see who was so bold.

After hanging up the phone, Elena saw that Ryan’s expression was not very good. She slowly asked, “What’s wrong? Did something happen?”

“I asked Isaac to go to Eastern Europe to buy some things, but I didn’t expect that goods to be robbed by others. Isaac was also detained in their territory. I have to rush over tonight to save him.”

“Don’t you know that Eastern Europe is in chaos? Why did you send people there? Hurry up and see what’s going on. If you really can’t do, call the police.” Elena really did not think such a thing would happen.

Isaac and Jackson both were Ryan’s good friends who helped him in his most difficult times. Naturally, he couldn’t just watch the two of them get into trouble like this. Elena was indeed a little anxious.

“You should stay at home during this period of time. Don’t take the initiative to provoke Roman. If someone provokes you, you should bear with it for now. If you really can’t do it, go and find your grandfather.”

Ryan didn’t know how long it would take him to come back. He had to make arrangements here before he could leave in peace.

If something happened to Elena, he really didn’t know what was the point of doing these things.

“Don’t worry. I will protect myself well. I will definitely not drag you down. You can settle your own matters in peace. You don’t have to worry about your family. I can’t afford to offend them so I won’t provoke them.”

Elena knew that the reason why she was able to be like a fish in water in the Monor’s was because of Ryan.

After all, Elena was not the most important daughter-in-law of the Monor Family. Without Ryan’s help, even if she went, she would still be bullied by others.

However, Ryan was worrying too much because Elena had gotten along with the employees of the company during this period of time. Elena was a person who was very easy to get along with and had never caused any trouble, so she got along quite well with those people.

But those people were under Roman’s hand. If Roman wanted to do something behind her back, she would not even have the time to realize it. So no matter what, he couldn’t leave her alone in between these tigers and wolfs.

“Don’t worry. I will settle all the matters here before leaving. I will definitely not let those people bully you.”

After Ryan finished explaining these matters, he started to make calls to arrange these matters in the country. As for Roman, he naturally had a lot of things to do. So he didn’t need to worry about the man for the time being.

The only thing he was worried about right now was Elena.

Elena looked at his anxious look and didn’t dare to disturb him. If something were to happen because of her, it wouldn’t be worth it.

It was already night time when he finished his works. There were also many calls from Roman urging him to go to the company. However, it was solved by Ryan’s phone call. At night, Xavier came to pick up Ryan.

“You stay here and accompany her. If Elena encounters anything, report it to me as soon as possible.” Ryan looked at Xavier and ordered.


“Don’t say that you don’t need it. I’m not by your side. What I’m worried about the most is your safety. I can only feel at ease if he reports to me at any time.” Ryan looked at Elena with worry in his eyes.

Bride of the Mysterious CEO

Bride of the Mysterious CEO

Status: Ongoing Type: Author:
The marriage of the Monor family and Lewis family has been going on for many years, and the second son of the Monor family has been engaged to the daughter of Lewis family since she was a child. Unexpectedly, he was involved in a car accident and became disabled five years ago. The Lewis family couldn't break off the engagement and didn't want their beloved daughter to marry a disabled man. So they chose a girl, who was in urgent need of money to marry him instead of their daughter. Everyone thought that he would hate that girl but unexpectedly when she was being bullied, he came in front and shouted, “If anyone dares to bully my woman, I won’t let him off!” When she saw him standing on his legs gracefully, she was stunned, “Your legs… Your legs… Are Fine?” He smirked evilly and grabbed her into his arms, “My legs are crippled for everyone else, expect you baby…”


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